Touma Njie Rejects PPP’s New Executive


By Makutu Manneh

Fatoumatta Touma Njie, National Assembly Member (NAM) for Banjul South, has rejected the new constituted People’s Progressive Party’s executive elected on Saturday 27th February 2020 at the party’s congress.

The law maker claimed that lack of trust was manifested at the congress and that the love of the people for the party has been lost in transition.

“We the undersigned reject the constituted executive and demand for fresh elections to be held,” she said at a press conference on Saturday.

Touma declared herself the party leader and Secretary General of PPP, informing Gambians that they have established an alternative executive pending proper and fair election.

Madam Njie was contesting the position of Secretary General and Leader of the PPP with Kebba E. Jallow, who was declared winner of the election. It is reported that Touma walked out during the congress because her supporters were denied entry.

The PPP parliamentarian said she has the conviction that the party needs a transitional leader that can tackle challenges with defined purpose and direction to lead a major transformation and restructuring. She said she will not participate in any activity of ‘abnormalities’.

Touma said there were undue processes in the election saying an agenda was never adopted and no financial statements were reported to the delegates. She also mentioned that members were not given a copy of the draft constitution and were not taken through it.

“Any responsible organization should present these willingly especially during a congress,” she said.

Touma said a congress that fails to talk about the state of the party is no congress.

During the press conference, Touma said the chairpersons of all the regions were present, saying that shows that they are true PPP members and that she is the true leader. She further said the IEC will be informed about the new executive members of the party and that a letter has been signed by all regional chairpersons that will be sent to the electoral commission.

“The delegates walked out during the congress and at that point the congress should have been cancelled,” she said.  

Touma said her agenda is to promote the party and empower women and youth.