Sunday, December 5, 2021

Tombong Jatta dissatisfied with IEC and police


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By: Kebba AF Touray

Mr. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the interim chairman of the APRC, has expressed dissatisfaction with the manner the Independent Electoral Commission has handled the recent elections and called on its Chairman, Mr Njai, to resign.

He made these assertions yesterday during a press conference held in Manjai, adding that the Commission is mandated to conduct elections as stipulated in the law, so as to come out with credible results without favouring a particular political party.

He stated that the Commission has declared varying election results in both the presidential and Councillorship elections, coupled with the rejection of Pa Amadou Susso’s Candidature, which he maintains was wrong and contradicts the electoral laws of the country.

“I have enumerated a lot of issues committed by the IEC leadership against this party. In the interest of free, fair and credible elections, as well as the peace and stability of The Gambia, we ask the IEC Chairman to resign. In the absence of credible and independent body, people can govern elections in this country the way they want it and elections mostly around the world can create a lot of instability where there is no credibility”, he opined.

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On the credibility of election results, he claimed that in one of the stations, the agents were asked to sign a result slip by the presiding officer therein, prior to the counting of the results. He added that investigations are ongoing on the election results and they will inform the populace on the matter.

Lamenting on the incident on Saturday, he explained that while APRC Executive members and supporters were in his compound recording the results of their agents from Kanifing Municipality, Banjul and West Coast, some supporters of the UDP came to his compound gate. He said he had assigned his party spokesperson to alert the security, with a view to averting a fracas arising from the provocations.

“It came to a stage where they stoned us while we were in my compound and broke the wind screens of some of their vehicles. Much to my surprise, the police came up to my gate and threw tear gas, while we were therein and the UDP supporters who came there, were left there for some hours. On Sunday, the UDP supporters came again and the same incident happened, despite being given the assurance by the police that they could move to Yankuba Colley’s house”, he said.

Jatta expressed disappointment with the manner in which the Police Command of the Kanifing Municipality was handling the matter and called on political leaders to sensitise their supporters on the need to maintain peace and stability of the country. He also called on the state to execute its responsibility of protecting the life and liberty of all those residing in The Gambia.

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