Tolerance – A Requisite For Peace And Free And Fair Election


Clashes between political parties should be avoided by all means because it is the recipe for instability and conflict. Political parties have to tolerate each other and this is the Constitution safeguards the freedom of association of its of its citizens.

Every political party must recognise each other’s right to freely associate and engage in political activities, including meetings.

They must however be guided by the Code of Conduct of the IEC which demands that a political party respects of other political parties.

The Code includes the following:

Political parties and candidates shall not in any way disrupt, destroy or frustrate the campaign efforts of other political parties;

They shall through their campaign activities, explicitly condemn and discourage the use of violence or threat of violence, vandalism and public disorder;

They shall through their campaign activities seek to further the spirit of tolerance and multiculturalism among Gambians.