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2-year-old Female in Dire Need of Sponsorship for Overseas Treatment

By Kebba Mamburay

A two year old female residing in Sukuta is diagnosed with neo-natal period of anorectic malformation, that is characterized by a perineal fistula approximately 1cm from the vagina, with an anal dimple without an opening. This is contained in the medical report of the girl.

“The family was consented to for diversion colostomy, an operation which was done on her left side. Currently she has no complaints and is doing well from the operation. However, she needs a review and definitive treatment for her ailment by a pediatric surgeon who is not currently available in the country and as a result needs overseas treatment,” her medical report which was prepared by the Director of Health Services and endorsed by the Ministry of Health, indicated.

The girl’s father Ismaila Sillah, said they have been struggling to gather funds in a bid to ensure their child undergoes overseas treatment in Ghana, but to no avail.

“We have been looking for funds for the past year to date but we have nothing. We are pleading to everyone capable of helping us, to make this treatment a success. The medical and surgery cost amount to a total sum of 15, 000 Ghana cedes including travel expenses to and from Ghana, in the amount of D60, 000.00,” he said. For any assistance, Ismaila Sillah the father of the girl can be reached on +220 7680781.