In a Republic, the power to govern must be derived from the consent of the people. This is why each citizen of mature age and the requisite qualification is entitled to be registered as a voter and to vote by secret ballot to determine who is to exercise executive power.

In order to ensure that voting is free and fair, the candidates are empowered to ensure that only those who are registered as voters will be allowed to vote at each polling station. The polling agents detect any anomaly during the polling process that could significantly alter the results of elections in favour of an aggrieved party.

Such a party in the case of a presidential election has the right to petition the Supreme Court in order to alter the declaration of the result in favour of any party. The Supreme Court has the final say in determining the outcome of such election.

The result of the 2021 presidential election is now to be subjected to scrutiny based on the evidence presented by the UDP to back its case. The outcome is for the future to tell. Foroyaa will give a report on the outcome.