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‘Tobaski’ livestock sales at Abuko commences today Fewer and expensive rams so far


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By Sailu Bah On the eve of the official commencement of the Tobaski Livestock sales at the Abuko groundsAbuko “Daral”, a fewer quantity and relatively expensive rams were found, as this reporter visited the place yesterday, 23 September, 2014. Less than two weeks to the Muslim feast of Eid el Adha or Tobaski, people are still waiting to see the rams in large quantities to offer them choice and the opportunity of affordability. Visiting the grounds to see the state of preparation by the Gambia Livestock Marketing Agency (GLMA) which facilitates the organization of the annual sales, this reporter was assured by some of the dealers that rams will be available but could be expensive due to the costs they incur in buying and transporting the animals. The least price they are asking for the smaller rams that are available is between D5800 and D6,500. As announced earlier by GLMA, today Wednesday, 24th September, marks the commencement of the annual livestock sales at Abuko. It is hoped that more rams and goats will be available and affordable to the average person who want to buy ram for the feast. Speaking to some of the dealers at the Abuko Daral on Tuesday 23rd September 2014, they noted that Rams will be available for Tobaski but will not be like the previous years, because they said they are very much expensive to buy and transport. It was confirmed from various dealers that, a small size Ram is sold at least D6, 500 for the first price and the last price is D5, 800. Foryaa will continue with this investigation on the availability and affordability of Ram for the Tobaski feast.  ]]>

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