A state of public emergency exists in Foni Bintang where three villages, namely, Jakin, Kamosorr and Oupat shells and drones fly over what has now become a war zone in the Casamance region. Gambian soldiers are at the border but their presence does not have the effect of preventing the women and children and he elderly from these villages moving to relatives in safer areas.

It is clear that a full-scale war is taking place. There is need for the Senegalese government to develop a strategy that could put a definite end to the crisis and violence. The Gambia government is bound by necessity to find out what it can to facilitate dialogue to resolve the crisis. In the meantime, the Alkalos of the different villages should petition the IEC to indicate how difficult it to hold chairpersonship elections in the area.   Those who also organize elections should also go to the drawing board to consider whether peaceful elections could take in the area.