Three Students at Gambia College Seek Financial Assistances to Pay Tuition Fee


By Nelson Manneh

Three final year students at the Gambia College are seeking financial assistance in order to pay their tuition fees.

The students were enrolled at the Gambia College in 2018 under the Early Childhood Development (ECD) program and they are currently on their final semester about to sit to their comprehensive examination.

Mariama Jallow, Haddy Mbenga and Oumie Awa Jallow walked to Foroyaa’s office on Friday 26th March 2021 and explained that the management of the Gambia College has started sending them out of their classes whilst classes are going on.

Mariama Jallow said she is supposed to pay a total of thirty thousand for the whole of the three years program but she is able to pay two thousand five hundred (D2, 500) dalasis and she is left with a balance of twenty-seven thousand five hundred (D27, 500) dalasis.  

Haddy Mbenga said she has already paid ten thousand (D10, 000) dalasis and she is left with a balance of twenty thousand (D20, 000) dalasis.

Oumie Awa Jallow said she was able to pay only five thousand (D5, 000) dalasis and she is left with a balance of twenty-five thousand (D25, 000) dalasis.

“The management of the college said we are not going to sit for our final examination at the college if we don’t complete our payments and we will not graduate,” they said.

These students said over two weeks they have been moving from one office to another seeking assistance from individuals and institutions but still they cannot secure anything in order to go back to the college and continue with their academic strive.

Any philanthropy or good Samaritan who wants to assist these students can reach them on the following numbers: Oumie Awa Jallow: 3512732 or 2010550, Mariama Jallow: 7271757 and Haddy Mbenga: 2407525.