Monday, March 20, 2023

There is still delay at Banjul highway


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it is exactly 11 days since military checkpoints have been mounted along the Banjul highway at the Kamalo Cape point Junction.

The reintroduction of a military checkpoint at Kamalo near the Cape Point junction, in addition to the one at Denton Bridge, has been slowing down traffic into the capital city of Banjul since last Friday, 26 August 2016.

Commuters are still lamenting the intensification of the security checks on the Banjul-Serekunda highway which, according them, has now transformed this 15 minutes journey on this 8 kilometres stretch a nightmare lasting sometimes for more than an hour. The delay creates a long queue of vehicles which is said to be worse in the evenings. This has also brought about the scarcity of commercial vehicles to take passengers to Banjul, especially in the evening, as drivers refuse to go there because of the long queue.

Travellers to Banjul during this period always converge in large numbers along the highway in front of the former cooperative scrambling for transport to take them home or to work or for personal missions.

Some of these vehicles due to the time wasted at the check point face mechanical problems, and some people were seen trying to tie their vehicles to taxis to be able to pull their vehicles.

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“I am working at the kombos and close in the evening but I spent about 1 hour on the way going back home” noted a commuter.

Vehicles are stopped and checked at both Kamalo -Cape point junction and the Denton Bridge.


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