st Century should yearn to be a President for life because of the impossibility of achieving such aim. What is wise for every President to do is to prepare for life after the Presidency. This is what is realistic in the 21st Century. One year before an election year the voters of Lower Saloum have sent a warning signal to the ruling party that it does not have monopoly of political power. During the 2013 Mayoral election in Banjul, the voter turn -out was 46 percent and the seat was lost to an Independent Candidate. In the KMC Mayoral election the voter turn – out was 20 percent. The signs were becoming clear that the voters were beginning to have a mind of their own. Lower Saloum has a total of 7712 voters. APRC gave the impression that it was an organised party and tried to change the elections rules which was followed by a by election in Lower Saloum. The end result is clear. The NRP Candidate had 2764 votes while the APRC Candidate had 1618 votes. 6094 did not vote for the APRC. This signals the need to engage in electoral reform to at least introduce the virtue of defeat with honour. To fail to do so is to entertain the possibility of dishonourable defeat in the next electoral cycle commencing 2016.]]>