Earnest Bai Koroma joined the then chairperson of Ecowas, ex-president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson, ex-president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari and ex-president of Ghana Ayariga Mahama to mediate during the impasse in The Gambia.

He served two terms as president of Sierra  Leone and handed over to President Julius Maada Bio without a hitch. He is among those ex-presidents who have been travelling across the continent to monitor elections for the African Union.

No one expected him to ever serve as president of Sierra Leone after his two term tenure. It is inexplicable how he was charged with treason. It is a very strange development. It is therefore necessary for ECOWAS to send a formal fact finding mission to gather sufficient evidence why ex-president Bai Koroma is charged with treason.

We hope that the culture of peaceful handover of power will become the norm in Africa. Nothing should undermine such a political culture.