Dead bodies and buildings razed to the ground in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and on and on; batons in the hands of Israeli soldiers recklessly used to hit defenceless Palestinians who continue to work and do not pose any apparent threat to armed security agents; occupation of places of worship by security agents and on and on are not rare scenes.

Where is the ruled based order in a world where nuclear weapon is being used as a shield by few countries of the world whilst the many are being coerced to take sides in an ultimate war that would put an end to the existence of humankind on the face of the Earth?

However power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is the maxim of the ages.

We do not need a unipolar or a multipolar world. We need a world of the people, a world transformed into a universal home of humankind living in an environment of liberty, dignity and prosperity for each and for all. That is the world that all should rally to and subscribe to. Unless injustice is the cause of concern of all everywhere, we will live in a world where one’s villain will be another person’s hero. That is the world that we do not deserve to live in.

Let us all work to stop the war in Ukraine and injustice in Palestine now instead of propagating a divided world headed by superpowers.