Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The ‘Three Years Jotna’ Procession


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The procession stated after 10 am. Prior to this, vehicles were able to use the two lanes of one side of the road to go to and from Banjul without much hindrance. They were stopped two hundred metres from the bridge.  

After midday, the movement of vehicles from Banjul was disrupted and many took to their feet to cross the bridge to walk to Serrekunda.

The procession is now history. The lessons must be clear.

The violence that was anticipated did not happen. The petition is now in the hands of the executive.

One would expect a reply to be given in public so that the position of the president would be as clear as noon day.

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Foroyaa will now do a vox pop to find out how the people see the procession. The content of the petition and the reaction of the President would be made evident in due course.  

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