Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Threat Of The Worst Drone War In Human History


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The world is watching as a new Gulf War creeps in gradually after President Trump unraveled President Obama’s peace architecture in the Middle East by turning his back on the Iranian deal. The objective of the Obama scheme was to contain a nuclear bomb race in the Middle East by committing Iran to a reduction scheme of its enrichment of uranium. There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia would have followed suit had Iran acquire nuclear potential. The arms race in the region would have increased.

President Trump decided to focus on Iran as a major adversary. Hence instead of drawing Iran to invest its oil money to improve the civilian economy it is now motivating it to move from civilian investment into militarist investment. Trump’s advisers failed to focus on the unsettling situation in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine. Iran has battle harden troops emerging from wars in all these areas.

There is no doubt that if the USA utilises Isreal as a proxy in the war the Palestinians will likely intensify their war of liberation, and Jordan, Syria, Lebanon will be drawn in. Drones will replace balloons and new rocket technology adapted to guerilla tactics that are now featuring in the Houthi war against Saudi Arabia would assume grander scale.

Hence the Middle East will be divided into two. There will be those who will be engaged in using sophisticated weaponry to eliminate each other and others who are not interested in becoming combatants who will take the Turkish trail to move into Europe in search of salvation.

Hence the largest mass exodus of people from the Middle East will be the order of the day; hence the US President and his advisers should acknowledge that the US has enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the Middle East from the face of the earth. However, it could do so at its own peril. What is expected of the US is not to display might but to prevent its use to wipe out humanity from the face of the earth. The threat of a new Gulf war is real and it could only be stopped by President Trump and his advisers. Countries that are now silent and are friends of the US should speak out to prevent such a Gulf war that would have far reaching effects on all countries.

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