Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Third Week Of Registration


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Gambians Take The Voter’s Card Seriously

Female Gambians are taking their right to vote more seriously than their male counterparts.  After three weeks of registration approximately more than half a Million Gambians have gone to claim for their voters’ cards. The IEC anticipates that there are a million Gambians who are qualified to vote.

The registration of 556,766 Gambians (317,993 females and 238,773 males) in three weeks has shown that the IEC is on target but must ask the registration teams to display love of country and people by spending more time to register claimants. Late start and early closure of registration is undermining the confidence of some claimants in some registration teams which the IEC should combat by close monitoring.

Get registered to claim your birth right to have a say in the country of your birth.

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