The presidential and National Assembly elections are behind us.

The Supreme Court decision to stop the executive from dissolving the council and appoint administrators to oversee pending council elections has created possibilities for the council to be autonomous in administration and management.

This decision should be followed by a review of the Local Government Act in its entirety in order to enhance the autonomy of councils as provided by section 193 of the Constitution.

It must be ensured that members of councils are elected and subject to recall by the voters. Sensitisation is increasing on the role of councils. They are closest to the people and are the best instrument in promoting community development.

As we move towards the preparation for debate on a new constitution the councils should be fully able to prevent the poor infrastructural development in our communities.

The next elections offer opportunity to the people to demand for action plans from those who are to be elected by them. The nature of councils depends on the voters who elect councillors, mayors and chairpersons.