This is why a Government needs a functioning directorate of press to tell its own sides of a story before other stakeholders have their say. The corroboration of the evidence provided in an affidavit signed by an FBI agent and that revealed by the Government of the Gambia tends to give the whole picture of what happened on 30th December 2014. Foroyaa will publish a supplement which would contain all the details as they are presented so far. The team which came from the market end of the statehouse  is reported to comprise EX Lt Colonel Lamin Manneh of the Gambia Armed Forces, Ex Captain of the US army Njagga Jagne; Baboucarr (Bai)Lowe, a former warrant officer, a former private  Modou Njie and Private  Landing Sonko who was on study leave.  Sanneh and Jagne  were killed. Njie was injured and captured. Lowe and Sonko escaped. On the other hand, the team  who came from the Marina Parade /RVTH end comprised Retired  Ex Sergeant of the US Army Papa Faal, Ex  Lance Corporal Musa Sarr;   Alagie Nyass  a former personnel of the defunct, Gambia National Gendarmerie and Dawda Bojang, a recent deserter.  Alagie Nyass and Dawda Bojang were Killed. Papa Faal and Musa Sarr escaped. Hence out of a number of nine insurgents four were killed, one captured and three escaped. Cherno Njie , who is supposed to be the financier of the group and the proposed interim leader did not go to the scene but waited  at a safe distance. Foroyaa will publish the statement and all the relevant facts and commentaries on the incident in a supplement to be published on Monday 12th January 2015. Now that the investigation is complete one would expect that the state would facilitate the holding of a Coroner’s inquest and release the bodies to the families. In the same vein, family members who may still be in detention should be released. Detention would amount to inhuman and degrading treatment if it is done purely as a result of family ties. No body should be punished for a crime one has not committed.]]>