18th February is known by all Gambians as Independence Day and it is commemorated by Gambians as such. However on 24th April 1970 Gambia became a republic. This day passes by without being noticed.

Another day that goes by without being noticed is the date of the birth of the second republic. On 16th January 1997 The Constitution of the Second Republic was put into force.

Interestingly enough President Barrow also assumed office on 19th January 2017. He assumed office for the second time on 19th January 2022. The irony is that treason trial is going to commence on 17th January 2023. It is important for Gambian citizens not to allow themselves to be gripped by political ignorance. All must try to know how the country is governed. All relevant developments that are taking place in the country should be monitored by all. If we fail to do so the mistakes of the past will be repeated at our detriment.