The Senegalese Leadership Should Rethink


The coincidence of military onslaught against MFDC near the Guinea Bissau border and the current tension in mainstream Senegalese political landscape which emanates from the state handling of allegations against Hon. Sonko who is a Parliamentarian could have serious security implications that the Senegalese Government should take into consideration.

Two developments had stabilised the situation in Casamance to a certain degree. The projects which sought to end the isolation of Casamance has facilitated the integration of the people into mainstream Senegalese politics.

Secondly, the support Sonko received from Senegalese of diverse ethnolinguistic origin served to promote national unity.

Peace in Casamance that is a by-product of the promotion of socio-economic development and national unity that is a by-product of an indigene of Casamance being well placed in Senegal’s mainstream politics are trajectories that should be maintained if Senegal is to protect its national security and by extension the national security of the Gambia. Peace and stability in Senegal are of interest to her closest neighbour, the Gambia.