Position of accountant general vacant

Public service administration requires transparency and accountability. Public service cannot function with transparency and accountability unless appointments, promotions, retirements, suspensions or removals are based on laws and procedures.

It is very common today to have information from social media circulating on appointment, removal or resignation without any explanation. This is not in line with the laws of the country. Any appointment or removal for whatever reason must be in line with law. This is why the Interpretation Act clearly regards any other proclamation, appointment made by an authority to be conceived as subsidiary legislation. Hence proclamation or appointment should be published in the Gazette for public notice.

The position of Accountant General is a substantive position with a substantive. Hence it should be public knowledge why any holder would vacate the office and when. This is made clear by publication  in the Gazette. Without such publication rumours will spread without any clear information be disseminated to the public. Foroyaa will continue its investigation to find out why.