The Resting Day Before Elections


Today is the rest day. Those who respect the people would simply leave them to digest all the messages given by the candidates and weigh their practices in order to make informed choices.

Those who put their pockets above the national interest would hide at night to go house to house to offer cash or kind for a vote.

Some would even require the voter to swear to deliver on the promise.

One would wonder whether one would be considered a holy person by swearing to do an evil thing and then proceed to do precisely what one had sworn to do.

Common sense teaches that one who swears to do evil and fails to do it would be considered to be more honest and righteous than one who swears and does evil. A doer of evil can never ever be considered a righteous person.

Hence all voters must never swear to do evil or proceed to do evil just because of swearing. To swear to do evil and back down at the last hour is more righteous than to proceed to do it.

         Any voter who takes a bribe is guilty of an unrighteous and evil act under one religion and a criminal act under the law of the state.

Hence, as we prepare for tomorrow let us refuse to do evil and be indicted by history as our children recollect what we have done to make the Gambia worse than we found it rather than better than we found it.