The Red Cross Is Leading The Way In NGO Response To Covid-19


The initiative of the Health Committee of the National Assembly in encouraging the red- cross to fumigate the Assembly hall, the offices of media houses and their own initiative in answering the call to duty should be emulated by the NGO community at large. All those who are rendering service to prevent COVID-19 from spreading should galvanise their efforts and reach out to the media to get visibility and public recognition.

Tango should meet to develop an NGO policy ,strategic plan ad workplan to combat COVID- 19. They should mobilise resources to provide face masks, sanitizers, vessels to wash hands, buy vegetables from women who cannot travel to controlled markets and even engage in general sensitization to encourage the public to respect the WHO ground rules to prevent the illness from spreading.

NGO’s that are engaged in practical service delivery would have the moral authority to identify the gaps and push the government to continue where their resources cannot reach. NGO support is a supplement to development not the basis.

Red cross should open up a line for community outreach. For example, during the weekend the residents of Brufut did clean their market but were waiting for the Council to fumigate it. Red-cross should step in to support such community initiatives.