Friday, December 3, 2021

The Real Task After The Crisis


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The real task is to make the institutions to work if a successful transition is to be achieved. It is not enough to have an abstract National Development Plan. The fundamental fact is to acknowledge the transitional role of the government which obliged it to engage in close consultation with all stakeholders in order to identify all challenges and develop policies, action plans or measures where applicable to address them.

Since the inception of the government the issue of environmental degradation has been a factor. The Bakoteh Dumpsite crisis gave the warning signal. The running battle between the youth and the security forces leading to tear gas being used in the community which made certain homes in the area inhabitable for a long period as elderly people and children seek refuge in the houses of neighbours until the fumes reduced. If the tension was not defused through the intervention of citizens of good will a major catastrophe could have occurred. Gunjur followed suit and then Faraba.

There is the need for environmental impact assessment to be taken seriously before any Company is allowed to carry out any form or mining or industrial activity. Experts should be engaged to look into the impact of any activity on people’s lives .The National Environment Agency should be strengthened and put to work and their findings should be respected and enforced.

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