The state should have a mechanism for establishing the real price of bread just as they do with fuel. They should be able to reach an agreement with the bakers on price that is uniform and then convey that to the public in a manner that gives certainty to the price.

Last week, information was spread that the price of bread was to increase from D10 to D15. Alarm was raised everywhere. Foroyaa therefore sent a reporter to move about to confirm whether there was an increase in price. Our reporter spoke to some retailers who denied any increase from D10 to D15 per loaf. Some however said the price had been increased. Our reporter also spoke to bakers who in uniformity denied any increase in price.

It is therefore very strange that the language of some bakers and that of few retailers is in conflict. This indicates that there is inconsistency between the language of many bakers that we consulted and the few retailers who sell at D15.

The consumers need protection and the integrity of state needs to be protected. No self-respecting state would allow rumours to spread and profiteers to benefit from such rumours. If it is true that the bakers have not increased the price then it is fraudulent for any retailer to increase the price from D10 to D15. Foroyaa is going back to those retailers who have been selling at D15 to find out from which bakers they got their bread. The public needs protection.