The parent and school goers received an unpleasant awakening just on the eve of the commencement of another school term. It is strange that the strike was threatened and did take place just before most schools started the third term.

Some school goers did attempt to go to school but received disturbing information that the teachers were on strike. Some of the teachers Foroyaa interviewed even claimed that they did know anything about the strike.

The lesson is plain. Teaching is a vocation. It is a service to be rendered to a generation that must be prepared to do the same for the future generation. A present generation that is not prepared to take charge would not be equipped to serve the future generation. Hence if teachers do not render their service a failed nation would be the byproduct.

It must be recognised that a nation has a duty to take care of its teachers. As the old saying goes, an empty bag cannot stand. Safeguarding the welfare of the teachers should be a preoccupation of the state. Unions are established to be a social auditing institution. They serve to monitor conditions of service and the general welfare of teachers. They should be able to identify who will suffer from their actions. It is the parents and students who will suffer most.

If the teachers are to go on strike they should seek the support of the parents and students. They should not do so spontaneously. Whatever they do should be with the support with the teachers and students so that they should promote whatever will serve their nation.

We have gathered that a solution has been found and that the children will be expected to go back to school. Dialogue and consultation is the basis of solving challenges in a democratic society.