2016 is different from all other election years. The interest generated in the election has never been so intense. Despite the silence of the state on all the happenings on the side of the opposition information is spreading like wild fire throughout the country through the social media.

The candidates are known and people are beginning to form opinions about them. There is demand for them to sit down and reach an understanding to have one candidate to contest the election in 2016. Hope has been generated when it was revealed that negotiation has started among the five opposition presidential candidates. The candidates so far are: Adama Barrow, Dr Lamin Bojang, Mamma Kandeh, Halifa Sallah and Dr Isatou Touray.

Who is going to be selected to take on Jammeh on 1 December 2016 is the question occupying the minds of the electorate. Unfortunately there are no pollsters to find out who among the candidates would have the best chance to unseat Jammeh on 1 December 2016. People should speak their minds to encourage the candidates to make the best of decisions for the country.