The President Addresses The National Assembly: Has He Answered Your Concerns?


When a President speaks, everyone must take interest to find out whether he has offered possible solutions to one’s concerns.  COVID-19 is the enemy. How many people are infected and how many are affected? These facts should be focused on in any speech.

Immediately after the speech of the president announcement followed, indicating that the demands of the market committees throughout the country, including the weekly markets, for markets to open at 6am and close at 6pm is going to be respected. We will check the gazette. We will also check the hours which will constitute the relaxation of the curfew.

However the executive should also know that it is also a concern of many people to know the COVID-19 projects available to support people in the informal sector who depend on weekly markets in the rural community or daily markets in the urban community and private schools and their teachers who have been sitting without support, to name a few. They need government’s attention.

Farmers, workers, women and youth of different categories are affected in various ways and need initiatives to address their concerns. Foroyaa will talk to them to find out whether the President has addressed their concerns to their satisfaction.