The country is preparing for council elections while the state is preparing for treason trial. The fate of the soldiers arrested has been revealed yesterday when two civilians and one police officer were arraigned for charges of concealment of treason and conspiracy to commit a felony.

The magistrates’ court transferred the case to the high court and remanded the accused in custody pending their appearance before the high court. The fact that the state has taken them before court indicates the importance of section 19 of the Constitution which empowers law enforcement officers to arrest suspects but obliges the courts to examine the merits of evidence for further detention, bail application and continuity of proceedings on the basis of the rule of law.

It is an irony that while the state is preparing for treason trials for attempt to take power through the barrel of the gun, political parties are busy preparing themselves to contest for power through the ballot.

Power through the bullet goes with risk of life and liberty. Power through the ballot goes with protection of life and liberty. Each citizen has to make a choice. There is no middle road. To sit on the fence is to risk being left behind or being dragged into the sinking sand of political adventurism.

The best sons and daughters of the soil must not be consumed by civil strife and violent conflict.

Foroyaa will continue to follow the proceedings to its logical conclusion.