Saturday, July 31, 2021

The NPP Launches Party At The Stadium


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The NPP has one National Assembly member and one councillor. Its first major National Contest would be the Presidential election of 2021 when President Barrow would take off his Independent /coalition hat and put on an NPP one.

He is already telling the Nation to vote for him and his candidates during the next electoral cycle.

The power of incumbency was manifested at the launching. Who did the NPP mobilise? Are they the only one supporting the NPP? What is the ratio of the crowd to the voting population of almost a million voters?

The crowd is always a booster in the politics of a country, but the voters are always the majority. Hence the future political outcomes are yet to be determined. Each party should therefore concentrate on building its support base, put its manifesto to the people and wait for their verdict. The ground for multi-party contest is fertile. NPP in particular and all the other parties in general should put the people first and embrace fairness in contesting for their mandate.

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