Monday, June 27, 2022

The need to respect and uphold the objective of the TRRC: Comments should not add insult to injury


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The TRRC is gathering evidence based on voluntary testimonies. The evidence is still fresh in the minds of loved ones and those given the responsibility to give recommendation would have to wait to hear the summation of the lead counsel and then process the information as they deem fit with a view to making appropriate recommendation for action that would heal wounds, enhance repentance and promote reconciliation.

No one in Gambian society after hearing how human beings went to their untimely death should be defensive or live in denial. This is a time for all Gambians to acknowledge what has happened and live some sleepless nights thinking how it felt to be deprived of life as others were deprived. This is the road to a better society.

As long as we argue whether someone knew or did not know how the death of a victim was perpetrated, we are putting our very sense of humanity into question. The TRRC is designed to make us human beings rather than show callous indifference to our fellow human beings. Many people in the past had accused Casamance rebels of being the killers of people in The Gambia. Now it is evident that our people are victims of their own kind in a power struggle where we see each other as enemies rather than citizens with divergent views and dissenting opinions. After this experience a new Gambian needs to be born in order to build a new Gambia that is fit for all to live in peace, dignity and prosperity.

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