Friday, December 3, 2021

The Need For Environmental Impact Assessment In Project Implementation


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Trees along the Banjul/Serrekunda Highway which took decades to grow are being felled without any sense of environmental conservation to make room for the implementation of a project which is yet to be known by the vast majority whose transports ply the route on a daily basis.

No project should be implemented without environmental impact assessment. The fundamental agency should explain to the public whether it has been consulted before the trees were felled. Cities that look like concrete jungles in the world are now convinced that development does not mean destruction of nature as human beings need oxygen from trees and greenery to have cool environment to live in.

The Gambia has a tropical climate and with the proper conservation strategies, the flora and fauna will be preserved and passed onto the future generation.

Foroyaa calls on the ministry to put a stop to the unthinking manner in which the trees on the highway are being destroyed. At least they could have been trimmed neatly to preserve a beautiful scenery as people come in and out of the city. Foroyaa will follow this matter.

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