A dispirited people could never defeat hopelessness and helplessness.
They are always whining because of difficulties instead of
sacrificing to surmount them to attain their objectives. There can be no joy of achievement without trying times.
Each opposition leader has one vote. None has an army. When people
become desperate they turn around and say that it is because five or
six people have not sat down to unite. No one knows how many people
are behind each one of them. Instead of asking those leaders to go
among the people to increase their support base to make democracy to
work and then turn to the majority of the people and ask them to give
power to the leader of their choice and collectively demand those
leaders to give relevance and meaning to the support given by the
majority by not dividing the votes under certain circumstances, they
become experts in lamentations and agonise until dooms day.
Those who do not want to toil and reap from the sweat of their brow
will never enjoy the juicy fruit of freedom and justice.  Only people
with clarity and inspiration could lead and inspire others. The
agonisers could only heap dust in the eyes of the people.