The National Assembly Allocates Over Twenty-Two Billion For 2021


The National Assembly yesterday completed its budget session with the allocation of twenty-two billion, seventy-four million two hundred and thirty-five thousand, seven hundred and twenty-seven dalasi to meet the services of the Gambia. 5.9 billion is allocated for debt servicing. Over seven billion should have been spent if there was no postponement of the debts that are due to be paid. The debt of the Country was reported to be over 71 Billion Dalasi last year.

The sum allocated for development amounts to 3.029 Billion Dalasi.
1.9 Billion Dalasi out of the 3 Billion Dalasi plus development budget financed by the Government goes to road reconstruction.

The total development budget is up to 16 Billion and most of it will be financed by loans and grants.

The country is still not self-reliant in development. It still depends on loans and grants for its development.