Thursday, December 1, 2022

The NAMS Have Rejected The Bill But The Third Republic Is Still On Course


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The failure to get three quarters majority to move the Bill on the promulgation of the 2020 Constitution to the next level for its eventual subjection to a referendum is not the end of the story. The Media should now take the draft constitution to the people. Each aspect should be explained as if we are going for the referendum.

All efforts must be done by CSOs to compare the text of the 1997 Constitution with that of the draft 2020 Constitution. This will enable the people to know whether their representatives have acted wisely or not. Now more than ever, clarity on the document is needed to shape the public mind on the text so that fiction will be separated from the facts.

There are different avenues to ensure that the work of the CRC is not thrown into the dustbin.

All those who are convinced that the draft constitution with appropriate amendments should be the fundamental instrument that should usher in a third Republic should continue to explain its content to the people. Sooner or later but sooner rather than later, it will become the Constitution of the Republic.

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