Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Minister Of Finance And Accountant General Should Listen To The Pensioners


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Pensioners say that information circulating is that the authorities want to make it a condition for them to receive their small pension entitlements from the Bank. They argue that if that is true, the Minister and the Accountant General should know that they are receiving pittance and cannot afford to open bank accounts or pay bank charges. They are asking Government not to make it mandatory for pensioners to go to the Bank to receive monies because of the low income they are receiving.

The Minister of Finance and the Accountant General should call for a meeting with the pensioners to find out their grievances and clear doubts regarding the information conveyed to them. Those who are the most disadvantaged should not be subjected to more hardship because of bureaucratic expediency.

There is likeliness that many pensioners would prefer not to go to a bank to open up savings account. Hence Government should develop a scheme whereby monies could reach pensioners at their place of residence or in places close to them.

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