The Mighty People Of The Earth !!!!


Seemingly mighty presidents and their opponents sit and wait in a state of uneasiness and uncertainty as the votes of the seemingly insignificant people are counted one by one in order to determine who would be entrusted with the power of the people to govern as the most powerful individuals on earth.

This is the verdict of democracy.

What the results will bring this morning as we receive Biden’s victory in Wisconsin to give him 248 votes out of the 270 needed in the electoral college to become President of the United States, will be published tomorrow.

As we go to press the whole world is focused on one country, the USA. The type of people in the United States will determine who will be their President? At the moment, it is clear that the USA is a divided nation in relation to democratic values.

Foroyaa will try to take the divergent views into consideration in our final analysis of the outcome of the 2020 Presidential elections.

One lesson that is incontrovertible is that no force is mightier than the power of the people. The day they know their interest the world will be theirs and liberty, dignity and prosperity will be their eternal reward. However, without awareness the most powerful must grope in the darkness of poverty and fratricidal conflict.