The Judiciary Is Gathering Integrity


The landmark decisions by the Supreme Court confirm that the separation of powers is working.

Those Alkalolu and Chiefs who have been removed from their posts without explanation or gratuity may resort to the courts for the determination of their rights and entitlements. The time has elapsed for people to complain of injustice from somebody above.

The country had gone through 52 years of weakening institutions before the change in 2016.

The attempts by the judiciary to flex its muscles came with the removal of a nominated member by the President. The Judiciary, in interpreting the law alerted its mind to the principle of the separation of powers. The presidency was humbled and the mere power to appoint nominated members of the National Assembly and judges can no longer be automatically translated into the power to remove them from office.  The Executive is now restrained.

In the same vein, the Judiciary could not do anything when the National Assembly axed its budget.

The National Assembly is also humbled when it sought to introduce a new budgetary item to get loans without including it in its budget proposals for consideration before the estimates of the 2021 budget were prepared in 2020.

Now impunity on all sides is being checked. History will tell how far the trend will go. Foroyaa is observing.