The Growing Number Of Deaths


IMAM BARHAM JOBE, IMAM HARONA JAITEH, IMAM MUHAMMED JOW  and we could go on and on with the head count of dynamic religious leaders who are between the ages of 50 and sixty nine  who have experienced sudden deaths.

The supreme Islamic Council, the Christian Council and Medical and Dental Association and the Heath Minister and his team should hold an emergency session to discuss how to handle COVID-19 from a religious perspective.

It is not proper to speculate on the cause of death. However, it is proper to prepare the leaders of the religious groups on how to protect their communities from the PANDEMIC.

Gambians can now feel the deadly nature of the PANDEMIC. They are beginning to sense why extraordinary measures were and are still necessary to save precious lives.

It is not too late to  take a concerted effort to regulate our social gatherings and save lives. The time to rethink is now . Tomorrow may be too late .If we all act now the life you save may be your very own.