Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Government Should Not Be Distracted From Its Stabilisation And Development Agenda


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For 52 years The Gambia never changed through the ballot box. It has now been changed through the ballot box. Power was not transferred through the barrel of the gun. Although there were few hitches, eventually reason prevailed and peaceful transfer of power was effected.

There were those who either supported the party of the past president or were civil servants or business operatives under it. It is important to maintain a state of law not a state of sentiments. The president of a changed Gambia is the president of all, regardless of whether one supported the Coalition or not. It is significant to note that the agenda for democracy and development is not derailed by promoting a culture of being pre-occupied with the transgressions and excesses of the past and forget about building the instruments, institutions and values that will prevent them from recurring.

If the pages of our newspapers are daily filled with what has gone wrong in the past without coverage of what is being done to right the wrong, Gambians will end up living in the past with all its conflicts instead of building a future which aims to put the conflicts behind us in order for each to live in liberty, dignity and prosperity.

The nation yearns for unity and integrity. This is inconceivable without fair play, justice, democracy and development. Those who administer must not harbour any ethno linguistic or sectionalist prejudices. They must at all times discharge their duties without fear or favour, affection or ill will.

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