The Gambian Citizen And The People Of The Gambia


One cannot be a voter in a Republic unless there is a country and a people. There can be no Gambian people unless we merge as citizens of a Gambian nation irrespective of our ethnolinguistic, religious and other differences. We do not acquire voters’ cards because of the language we speak or religion we belong to. We acquire voters’ cards because we are Gambians.

The intention of creating the Gambian nation is for each Gambian to acquire a homeland that provides prosperity, liberty and dignity. All Gambians should work to see to it that the security, prosperity and liberty of each is guaranteed.

A conscious Gambian citizen would realise that the strength of his or her nation is its capacity to guarantee the security, liberty and dignity of its citizens. Hence every Gambian who works to protect the liberty, prosperity and dignity of all are the true sons and daughters of all. Any and all those who undermine the liberty, prosperity and dignity must be seen as the problem of The Gambia.

Each of us must take a stand with or against our people. History will judge our action. Prosperity will give the verdict. We hope each will take the right decision to be on the right side of history.