Thursday, February 9, 2023

THE GAMBIA PEACE, OUR PEACE Statement by James F Mendy


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 Nelson Manneh Reporting

The Gambia is at a very critical stage that calls for a general concern. We should not pretend as if things are alright. This is not the time to think about money or position but a time to give thought to our country and lovely people.  Position comes and goes, money gets finished but our people remain our people. Our next world which is eternal also depends on our deeds on earth and not money or position.

At this crucial time, it is not a matter of who one supports or not. It is not a matter of differentiating our positions. This is not a time for discrimination, ethno centrism or politics. It is a time for all of us to work together as Gambians for a common goal irrespective of our religion, ethnicity, social status, culture or political opinion.

These are questions we Gambians should honestly answer with the fear of God. Is there any single Gambian who is more Gambian than the other? Should we not listen to each other with love as Gambians? Do we pay ourselves for our jobs or does the ordinary Gambian tax payer pay us, including poor farmers and labourers whose lives our actions may destroy including their families and children.

We have to critically think and see if anything is worth risking , eventually destroying the precious lives of our own parents, brothers, sisters and many other relatives, friends, including our own lives, our wives and husbands. Should we destroy all we have because of things that will not last? I call on all Gambians to approach this issue with either true love for our country or trust and honesty. A peaceful solution is in our hands, we just have to be frank to avoid violence, the consequence of which can be very devastating and only lead us to regret. We should learn from Burundi, Rwanda, DRC etc.

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I call on religious leaders and elders to intervene in this matter with faith and honesty without fear. Considering the plight of all Gambians this is the right time and don’t wait until it is too late. The government of the Gambia should critically think of the concerns raised here and so many other concerns and not assume that peace in The Gambia is entirely in their hands. They either save the precious lives of Gambians, their own people or render them vulnerable to possible destruction.

This is the time that everyone should choose between money, position and eternity. For the military the peace of the very tax payers who are paying our salaries is entirely in your hands, especially at this critical time. A very high level of professionalism and a very cordial civil military relation is much expected of you.

I thank all Gambians for the present stage of calmness despite all the challenges. Special thanks to president Elect Barrow and the entire coalition team for their success of maturity which demonstrates their concern and love for our country. I also thank the government of the Gambia and all the security forces for the security and present peaceful atmosphere.

The Gambia is our own so let us work as one people and nature the peace that we have. I strongly appeal to president Jammeh to please think of the precious lives of the thousands of Gambian children, Gambian youths, and women whom he had always mentioned in his speeches. Also the visually impaired and persons with disability should be considered. Let him also think of the infrastructural development achieved in the past years.

We are all Gambians and I appeal that he joins all Gambians in their decision in opting for a new president to whom he is an asset for advice. Please don’t allow anything to deviate you from your frankness and you have for your people as manifested in your result acceptance. President Jammeh, please hear the voice of ordinary Gambians and lead us to a peaceful transition.

 James Mendy

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