The Senegalese people decided to elect a new government coinciding with the harnessing of the oil found at the Sangomar wells. The new government is obliged to meet the expectations of the Senegalese people. 

First and foremost, it has to examine the status of Woodside Energy Group in the international oil market.

Secondly, it has to examine the concessions given to the company and the timeframe established for the concession. 

Thirdly, it must examine how the shares of the country and levies are distributed to ensure that they lead to the eradication of poverty in Senegal.

The nation now has an opportunity to start from scratch and prepare the ground on how it would be transformed into a free and prosperous country that would be worthy of emulation by other countries on the continent of Africa. 

It is the wish of the Pan-African movement to have African governments that would be prepared to utilize the sovereign wealth of the country to ensure the liberty, dignity, and prosperity of the people.  

Any government that fails to do so is not fit to govern.