Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Fact And Fiction Behind Deyda’s Death


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It has been long and stories were many but now confession has been made. The fiction could now be distinguished from the facts.

The testimonies before TRRC have taken different forms but the most important development is the revelations on the most troubling deaths that no one could have really concluded without the type of testimonies of perpetrators. The families can now point a finger at real faces and those who perpetrated the act could also come to terms with their actions and ask themselves whether it was worth perpetrating. The lessons are designed to prevent recurrence and to enable families to heal if genuine forgiveness is sought and reparations provided to those who need it.

The word is not a sword. It should not be taken as a dagger in the chest, otherwise what happened to Deyda will continue. Word should be exchanged for word. The truth should be left to the discerning mind to discover. It is such tolerance that is needed in an open and democratic society.

Foroyaa will continue to call on Gambians to debate on how to deal with the past of the country. Real chance should have been given to put partisan politics aside for a reasonable period so that all Gambians will take time to gather evidence regarding the past that no one would want repeated as we build a new Gambia. All Gambians would equally have the opportunity to consider all the facts without any prejudicial mind and draw the conclusion on how to handle all wrong doings without confronting wrong doings with wrong doings. An important word of caution ought to be said. Side by side with the revelation by perpetrators of wrong doing, we also discover wrong allegations levied against others.

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