Monday, May 23, 2022

The Election Bill And The Political Parties


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The Political parties have had their say at the National Assembly. The Diaspora may find relief in PDOIS’ position on Diaspora voting as clearly put by Sam Sarr who represented the party at the National Assembly.

Sam Sarr cited Section 12 of the current Elections Act which deals with Qualifications for registration.

It states:

“(1) Subject to section 13, a person shall be entitled to have his or her name entered on a register of voters in a constituency if he or she-

(c)    is resident, or was born in that constituency.”

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This is replicated in the Elections Bill.

Hence Sam explained that since Gambians who are citizen by birth who are living in the Diaspora were born in a Constituency they could rightly be registered in the constituency of their birth. He added that one could accordingly cover those who have citizen by descent by making a provision for them to be registered in the constituency from which their parents or grandparents hail. There is therefore no constitutional obstacle to Diaspora registration and voting.

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