The media has been focusing on the number of young people who are perishing abroad due to irregular migration. The problems remain unabated as young people gamble to greener pastures or death.

However what is more dangerous than such a gamble is the use of hard drugs here at home. Many young people are now addicted to extensive hard drugs which they can neither afford nor physically sustain for a long period of time without being reduced to a state of infirmity or death.

The young people are turning to cheaper and more accessible drugs such as the one called ‘kush’. The public has been alerted by the health authorities that the drug can make a person hysterical and uncontrollable leading to death. It is claimed that two suspected cases of death from an alleged abuse of the drug are being subjected to external testing and validation.

There is need to expand studies into the drug menace before the whole generation even become incapable of searching for greener pastures or being productive at home because of infirmity caused by drug abuse at home. The country crurrently has no comprehensive rehabilitation programme for drug abuse. It is totally unprepared for an impending drug menace.