Thursday, June 24, 2021

The downing of the Ukrainian plane: The Iranian people show the way


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The world of states and leaders must give way to the world of the people. People everywhere are demanding for the eradication of tyranny and poverty and for liberty and prosperity. All people everywhere deserve liberty and prosperity. States and leaders should exist for the people. The people should not exist for governments and leaders.

This is why poverty and injustice everywhere should be the concern of people everywhere. It was few days ago when the Iranian people were moved to protest against the assassination of one of their generals. However, when their own national guard downed a European plane with a missile costing 176 lives, they did not hesitate to turn their anger on their own government for misleading them.

This is the new world of the people that is emerging, a world where the people will no longer be moved by any cheap propaganda from the government of a leader, but will seek the truth and support regardless from where it comes from. If the Iranian people continue this trend, they will inspire the people of the world to also follow the same trend to side with their government only if they pursue the right thing, but abandon them if they do otherwise. The only way peaceful co-existence amongst the peoples of the world could be created and preserved is to nurture a people in every country who would not be willing to harbour prejudices any more, but would be opposed to injustice anywhere and promote justice anywhere.

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