Because of command and control structures of disciplined forces instructions may often go contrary to the constitution and laws of a country. In that case, the disciplined forces would cease to be protectors of the people. They would be willing to shoot and kill without regard to professional ethics or the dictates of justice. Wherever and whenever constitutions and laws are set aside or doctored to make power absolute impunity must become the order of the day. Power which could guide disciplined forces towards virtue is one that is bound by just constitutions and laws. In short, the 1997 Constitution states that, “The Sovereignty of The Gambia resides in the people of The Gambia from whom all organs of government derive their authority and in whose name and for whose welfare and prosperity the powers of government are to be exercised in accordance with this constitution.” Hence it is clear that the disciplined forces should protect the sovereign people and promote their general welfare. Such forces would not partake in shoot to kill policies or disappearance without trace practices. They would strive to act within the guards and fences of the law knowing that security personnel who disregards the constitution and the law becomes an armed bandit who could take life without mercy or any regard for justice. Africa needs sons and daughters in uniform whose heart beats pump in unison with the heart beats of their people. Those leaders who breed thugs and make them to take command to maime and tame populations only breed their own kind. Impunity breeds more impunity until the state becomes a failed state. The only road to stability is to avoid all forms of unconstitutional behaviour and impunity. A state which safeguards the liberty and security of persons of its citizens is the only one which could guarantee peace, security and stability.]]>