Friday, March 24, 2023

Hon. Mamma Kandeh draws large crowds in the provinces


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By Ndey Sowe

Large crowds of people in Fatoto and Kulari welcomed the GDC leader, expressing dissatisfaction with Jammeh regime. Speakersgdc-4 at the rallies in these towns told the GDC leader that he has already dominated the provinces and come 1 December it would be proven as they will vote for him massively so that he can change and develop the country.

The people told Hon. Mamma Kandeh that they have voted for President Jammeh for 22 years and are yet to see any benefit. They also complained bitterly about the road from Basse to Fatoto which they said is a head ache for them.

Addressing the large crowd in Kulari, Hon. Mamma Kandeh thanked the people for the warm welcome they accorded him, adding that their problem has been noted and by the grace of God’s, their problems would be considered when GDC is voted into office.

The GDC leader told supporters that his party has come to liberate them from the clutches of the regime, adding that people are encountering a lot of hardship under the Jammeh regime and now this has come to an end. He said if they look at the road from Basse to Fatoto, this alone is enough reason why President Jammeh should be voted out of office.

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The GDC leader said the party is here for peace and it is peace that would bring development in a country. He added that the people in the provinces are neglected despite all the support they have given to President Jammeh. He assured the people of this area that his intention is to develop the country but not to divide people.

Hon. Mamma Kandeh went further to inform supporters that our grandparents and parents who lived in The Gambia left a country for us where we are now living; adding what is important is to bring peace and development in the country not for us but for our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

He told supporters that if GDC comes into power they would make sure that they exercise their rights without fear because he believes in democracy.

On agriculture and education, The GDC leader said his government would do everything possible to bring quality education but not just to build schools. “Agriculture is also my priority and we would make sure that the people of this country would benefit from it,” he reiterated.

At meetings at Njoben CRR South, Pateh Niamina, Kerr Mahalima, Babou Jobe and Sambang Mandinka all the speakers assured the GDC leader that he has come at the right time and he is the right person to rule this country because he is here for peace and they need peace. “We would vote for you massively come 1 December,” they echoed.


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