The Countdown To Fourth December 2021


Only 33 days are left for Gambians to go to the polls to decide who will be their next president. The ballot is secret and the voter should examine the manifestoes of the various participants to determine the type of society they will be building on their behalf.

Initially the IEC  gave the impression that 25 candidates comprising 13 party candidates and 12 independent candidates may contest. The list however is being trimmed down. the public should be constantly sensitized to know the activities required at each stage of the electoral process. The nomination process for presidential candidates is moving steadily and people are taking keen interest. So far seven candidates have submitted their nomination papers. There is one withdrawal so far. Three of the candidates have been deferred. Once the papers are submitted objections to nominations could be filed.

There are other criteria that the candidate must meet as a candidate. Foroyaa will continue to examine the legal requirements for election.