It is elementary truth that arms and ammunition as well as armies are very expensive to keep. Hence, during the era of the war of conquest and plunder, war mongers invested in war machines in order to conquer their enemies and take the booty to recover their losses and reap more benefits. The current wars which are being fought in the countries mentioned cannot lead to victory of any side. Hence, the wars are loss –loss situations since no side would be able to consolidate victory and demand reparation from the other. Take Gaza as an example. The cost of reconstruction is estimated at 6 Billion dollars. On the other hand the cost of the arms and ammunition used by Israel, the cost of repairing other destruction caused by unguided rockets, the economic loss from using shelters to safeguard the population and the loss of investment adds up to make the war a worthless exercise. Leaders who plunge countries into such wars are not fit to govern. The people should come to realise that power belongs to them and their leaders could not go against their will. Hence they should come to realise that no people could be free who dominates and oppress another. Narrow nationalism or sectarianism is the embryonic stage of fascism. This has become evident in Gaza and Ukraine. Soldiers destroy and kill indiscriminately with impunity without any feeling that they are destroying human beings and livelihoods. No political leader who orders troops to kill and maim unarmed civilians deserves support. Any perpetrator of such an act is a plain war criminal.  ]]>

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